Bee, Wasp, Hornet Removal & Repair

Bee Removal

At On The Level Contracting we are professionals when it comes to working with bee removal. The first step is to identify the bee. This initial step is important because it will tell us the type of removal that will need to be done. It's particularly important to keep the honeybees because they pollinate the local plants and flowers. There is a shortage of honeybees which is a major concern. Our goal is to safely remove honeybees and transport them to a safe and sustainable living environment so that they reproduce. See our Photo Gallery

Bee Repair

While the honeybee can be our friend they can be our enemy, too. Causing thousands of dollars of damage it's hard to be able to appreciate the bee. As Bill Jones states, "the bees waste nothing..they build intricate's really amazing". However, you may not be thinking the same thing. If you have bees then, they need to bee removed and the damage caused by the bees needs to be repaired. On The Level Contracting will evaluate the damaged caused by the bees and will provide affordable solutions to repair the damage. See our Photo Gallery.

Bees Or Something Else?

So many times we think it's one cause, but turnouts to be something else still resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. For example, you may have an infestation of yellow jackets or wasps - they cannot be sprayed. If they are sprayed this is not only hazardous to the environment, but also the improper way to resolve the problem because they may still live deep within in the hive. You may waste your hard earned money not fixing the problem. If the problem comes back and you have no warranty you are out the cost of the repair. Have it done the right way the first time. See our Photo Gallery.

Sealing Your Home

By sealing the house you are taking preventative measures from having the bees or other insects return. This is the best way to avoid a problem coming back. When your home is sealed you have an option to choose from a wide range of colors to match. Our seal job last for years on end - saving you the hassle of repair. Call us today for a free estimate. See our Photo Gallery.